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Renaissance magazine presents the beauty of age. Inside & out.

We hope to break conventions with exquisite fashion editorials featuring models over 40, essays for the mind & soul and interviews with inspiring people from around the world.

Published three times a year, our launch issue will be out on the 25th of January and will explore the different meanings of powerful.




YES, magazines are a crowded market, but we identified a gap ...  Only a few are addressing the needs and interests ofcontemporary women over 45. So, we took the challenge.






In our launch issue we explore the many colours of feeling powerful; whether it is at work, in relationships or even one-on-one with ourself. We worked with photographers, writers and creatives across the world to create a magazine that will stay with you even when you put it down.

Among our essays & interviews:
  • American yoga teacher Sebene Selassie writes about her experience staying positive while fighting cancer.
  • We talk with Dutch entrepreneur Janneke Niessen about the gender boundaries that permeate the tech world, the importance of failing and the experience of being your own boss.
  • Australian life coach, Laura Carrocci gives us techniques to identify, connect and maintain our own strength.



Think of your life as three buckets. Your Vitality Bucket is about optimizing your state of mind and state of body which are, in truth, the same thing. Your Connection Bucket is about cultivating deep and nourishing relationships. And your Contribution Bucket is about bringing yourself to the world in a way that is fiercely meaningful and fully-expressed. A good life happens when you do the work to fill all three buckets.
— Jonathan Fields, pg45 Renaissance magazine, issue 01